Energy and environment

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Some key points to guide you through our resources as well as some useful links

The Basics

Feel free to consult our different scientific data bases.  These are mostly multidisciplinary but applying filters and key words will enable you to identify relevant data about energy and environment.

In Archipel, our catalogue, you can access our stock of (e-books, theses, congresses etc.)  Here are a few examples divided up by subject :

Solar              Water Treatment     Waste

Thermal          Sustainable development          Biomass

Searches can be widened by using the national catalogue, Sudoc, in order to access other documents and to use the inter-library loan system.

Focus on

  • Encyclopedias, handbooks, dictionnaries :

On line…

Techniques de l’ingénieur, collection énergies

Handbook of chemistry and physics

Handbook of combustion

Handbook of industrial drying

In the reading room…

Advances in heat transfer locate

Encyclopedia of energy and technology locate

Handbook of clean energy systems locate

  • Useful link :

BiblioST2i : CNRS portal, UMR staff only

Quelques titres « phares »

METCALF & EDDY, Wastewater engineering : treatment and reuse, McGraw-Hill, 4e édition, 2003, 1819 p. locate

MOLETTA (René), Traitement des déchets, Tec & Doc – Lavoisier, 2009, 685 p. locate

MODEST (Michael F.), Radiative heat transfer, Academic Press, 2e édition, 2003, 822 p. locate

SABONNADIERE (Jean-Claude), Nouvelles technologies de l’énergie, 4 vol., Hermes – Lavoisier, 2007 locate

GICQUEL (Renaud), Systèmes énergétiques, 3 vol., Presses des Mines, (Les Cours – Ecole des Mines de Paris), 2009 locate